Great Expectations Program

We want to come alongside you during your pregnancy to help and support you. The Great Expectations program is for moms getting ready for their child’s arrival. The Great Expectations program requires four specific visits during your pregnancy.

During the first visit, you will fill out some paperwork and meet with a Client Advocate who will spend time getting to know you better. To get the full benefits of the program we encourage you to make this appointment somewhere between 7-20 weeks of your pregnancy. You will receive a large bag of baby supplies, including: newborn diapers, wipes, lotion, baby wash, bottle brush, and a special surprise.

The second appointment you make around 25 weeks of pregnancy or after you find out if you are having a girl or boy. You will meet with the Client Advocate again and shop for diapers, baby outfits, and accessories for your baby.

The third appointment you will receive an Infant Carrier Car Seat. Around 33 weeks of pregnancy you will meet with the Client Advocate and discuss car seat safety and instructions on properly installing your car seat.

The fourth appointment is after your precious baby is born. You will meet with a Client Advocate for a little paperwork. Please bring your baby in to show off!  At this appointment, we will provide you and your child with a box of wipes and a box of diapers.

We care about you and your growing baby.  We hope you will consider joining our program. Simply contact us to make your first appointment today!