Make an Appointment

We are here to provide services, like pregnancy testing, Limited OB Ultrasounds, Great Expectations Program and baby supplies.  Our center does not offer or refer for pregnancy termination. We encourage appointments for our medical services but are taking walk-ins.  Our mobile number is available for texting at 765-367-2940, our Nurse Manager Karen, will respond as promptly as possible.  If you are looking into your options or wanting to go to a clinic closer to you, we suggest calling or texting the Option Line at 1-800-712-4357

We will be open for appointments in Crawfordsville during our hours. Monday 9-4, Tuesday 9-5, Wednesday, 9-5, Thursday 3-6, and Friday 12-4.  

In Covington, we are open hours.  Monday 9-5 and Thursday 9-5.  

Thank you so much! 

Messages will usually be answered in 1 business days. Call or re-send message if you do not hear from us promptly.