What You Need to Know About Parenting

Pregnancy can be scary, even for women and families who plan to get pregnant. In cases of unintended pregnancies, you can imagine how anxiety-inducing this situation would be. You may start thinking about all the physical, emotional, and financial inferences having a child will bring, and what to do next can be confusing. Rest assured, though, that even if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you are just as capable as someone expecting to become a parent.

In order to raise a child successfully, the one thing he or she needs is a support system: people or a community around the child to feel encouraged and most importantly, loved. That support begins with you: their parent/s. We know that it can be hard to provide this support system given life-challenging circumstances and of course, the unexpectedness of the pregnancy itself.

Questions that may rise surrounding your readiness to be a parent could include:

  • A partner who does not wish to parent
  • Concerns that your family will not welcome the pregnancy or child
  • Your career or education
  • Financial struggles
  • Feelings of inadequacy and/or immaturity

Women’s Resource Center is here to guide you through any and all of these issues or fears, offering support no matter what your decision will ultimately be. We want to equip you with the help and resources you need in order to thrive in parenting and in life.

We recommended talking to a professional, such as a licensed counselor if you have recently discovered you’re pregnant and are unsure of your ability to parent.

Women’s Resource Center provides exactly that kind of support so don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule your free and confidential appointment and learn more.